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Power Giulo's Angels is the now mainstream name which denotes collectively people who exhibit Giulo-like character (indivually called Giuloes), as thought-reading, profetic visions, both social awkwardness and charismatic personalities, generally living on an elevated plane of existence.

The first man recorded using this expression was professor Albrecht Goldlaub, known as "Little Forehead", now believed to be one of the archenemies of the Giuloes.

Apart from the aforementioned mental capabilities, Giuloes also can exhibit extraordinary physical capabilities, but these are not evident and in a quiescent state most of the time. But when "morphed," the Giuloes can become powerful superhumans wearing fashionable suits with individual color and design. Morphed Giuloes generally possess enhanced strength, durability, agility and combat prowess. Some possess element manipulation. In addition, each individual Giulo has a unique affinity for certain kinds of weapons, as well a common weaponry used for ground fighting.